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In 2000, I started my business selling incense and burners. I loved the variety of scents and the ability to mix and create your own new scents by mixing the powders in the burner. Soon after, in 2001 I began to learn about candlemaking. I began making and selling gel candles in 2002 and found the creativity endless. They are beautiful when burning and create a unique light./p>

Later, in 2003, I discovered there were conferences for people in the handcrafted soap, bath and candle industry, I attended my first conference and my desire to soap and make other body products was born. Like many people, I didn’t realize there were so many soapmakers in the US. Since then I have been reading, learning, testing and enjoying the art of soapmaking. Yes, it is an art. It is also science and chemistry and creativity and geometry and many more things. It is an outlet for expression. It can be mundane. It can be disappointing when a soap does not come out as planned. It is also a great joy when that perfect swirl is created….exactly as you pictured it. That is just the visual side of soap. There is also choosing ingredients based on how you want your soap to perform…..creamy lather, bubbly lather, moisturizing, or very cleansing are among some of the properties we strive to create in our soaps. Soaps do not have to be beautiful to be great. Just like people, soap comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and uniqueness.

We began making soap embeds in 2014 to fill a void in the soap supply business. Soap embeds opened new doors of creativity and design in soapmaking. However, they can be cumbersome and time consuming to make and the cost of the equipment required is typically not worth it if you are starting out using them or only make a small quantity of bars using them. We will continue to add new molds and options to our embed business keeping up with the seasons and trends.

Our motto is “The Scentsable Choice”. We strive to bring the best products to you at a reasonable price. We want our products to be an affordable luxury that makes sense.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. We love to hear your feedback!

Kathy Lynn – Owner/Soap Whisperer

Bella is my beautiful blonde shepherd mix and was the origin of my name.

Addie is my lovely black lab mix and she gives her name to The Soap Addie. Our future soap tutorials and learning area.